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Psychotherapy for the Wetherby, Leeds, and York areas

Hi there, thanks for visiting my website. 

A little bit about me.  I'm a psychotherapist (in practice since 2011) as well as a teacher and trainer at a sector-leading psychotherapy institute.  As you may get a sense from in exploring my site, I have a specialist interest in the existential challenges that we will grapple with at turning points in our lives.  These might include:

Feeling like life has become too small, too limiting.  Or questioning choices made.  A feeling of just coasting, being on autopilot, or of having to pretend.   Addictive behaviours that feel like a distraction.  Self-sabotage.  Feeling fated to play out the same patterns over and over.  A feeling of not knowing oneself. Aloneness and loneliness. Unhappiness at work or considering a career change.  Bereavement and loss.  Spiritual concerns.  Fear of death and the search for meaning.  

Therapy is at its best when it becomes the time in your week when the feelings and ideas that you're turning over inside are brought into clear view and they crystallise - together we discover a gem, a moment of deepening truth and understanding, that you take away from the session.  An existential benefit of therapy typically includes an openness to new forms of connection and continuity in the world out there.

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About Me

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I work within a pluralistic framework, which means that I offer a therapeutic approach which is bespoke to you, and also one that we envisage together.  Where it could be helpful I can offer existential, systemic, psychodynamic, or cognitive behavioural approaches, including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).  

I will strive to be a person you can trust, and as such create a space where you can speak in complete confidence. There should also be a sense that the therapy has purpose – let’s work together and get to the heart of the matter.

Here is an article I had published in Therapy Today, November 2022 which offers some perspectives on those big existential questions that we all might grapple with at different times in our lives (click here to download). 

Sessions are ordinarily charged at £70 and we have the option of meeting either in person at the Pure Treatment Rooms, Wetherby, online over Zoom, or over the phone.

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Pure Treatment Rooms
11-13 Victoria St,
LS22 6RE

07789 755606

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